Safety Tips

  • Before using the JIB in a professional setting, practice the set up and operation of the jib in the convenience of your studio. Include any personnel that will be using the JIB and make sure that they understand how to use it safely.
  • The use of a leg spreader with the tripod is required when using the JIB. Either a floor spreader or midlevel spreader will tie the legs of the tripod together and strengthen the tripod.
  • Always rest the camera end of the JIB on to a solid surface when assembling or disassembling the JIB. You are working with a counter balancing system, with that in mind, remember that removing weight from either side can cause the other side to drop. When assembling the JIB mount the camera first, then add the counter weights. When disassembling the JIB, remove the counter weights first then remove the camera.
  • Never remove any weight from either end of the Jib when the Jib lift brake locked. Never force the Jib to move when it is locked in either the lift or swivel position.
  • Extending the legs of the tripod gives additional height to the JIB, but creates additional safety concerns. Use clamps such as the Super Clamps shown in our brochure to reinforce the tripod leg clamps and prevent the extended leg from slipping.
  • This extended configuration requires 2 people for set up. In this high configuration the camera will not rest on the ground even at its lowest position. Use a chair, table or spotter to support the camera during the set up and break down of the JIB. This will reduce the stress to the joints of the JIB and prevent it from tipping over.
  • There are many pinch points on the JIB, be careful with your fingers or cables that may be running to the camera.
  • Don't try to move the tripod with the JIB, camera and counter weights unless you have it on a rolling dolly. And even then, always roll the dolly with the camera in the low position and always have a spotter at the camera for security.
Disassembly Safety

Always remove the weights before the camera but make sure that the camera end of the jib is on a secure surface before removing any counter weights.

Locking the Jib Safety

Never remove any weight from either end of the Jib when the Jib is locked. Never force the Jib to move when it is locked. Examples: 1. Don’t try to swivel the Jib with the swivel lock engaged. 2. Don’t try to move the camera up or down with the tilting brake engaged. Call if you have questions.