Sports Photographer Bob Leverone to Keynote Spring Banquet

Posted by SMAD February 27, 2012

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Bob Leverone

Bob Leverone

Bob Leverone
Former Staff Photographer, Sporting News
SMAD Alumnus

For 30 years Bob Leverone's photographs have graced publications such as the New York Times, Time, Sports Illustrated and hundreds of newspapers. His news-breaking photographs on the Jim Bakker/PTL scandal helped The Charlotte Observer win the Pulitzer Prize for Meritorius Service.

Leverone has photographed practically every college and professional sports championship in the past quarter century -- including consecutive Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals, the Olympics and the NCAA Final Four and college football National Championships.

For the past dozen years, as a staff photographer, he has published thousands of photos inside and cover pieces for The Sporting News, considered by most as America's sports Bible.

Leverone's photographic and photo-editing experience is as varied as any professional photographer in the country. Although he's primarily known for his spectacular peak action photography, his talents offer expertise at a variety of photography, ranging from story-telling features, fashion, weddings and stunning portraiture.

After growing up in suburban Washington, D.C., and graduating from James Madison University, his career started at a small weekly newspaper in Luray, Va. It wasnít long before his talents took him to positions on photo staffs at daily newspapers in Frederick, Md., and soon after, Hagerstown, Md. Bobís award-winning photography quickly landed him a position at The Charlotte Observer where he spent a decade documenting life as a photojournalist that took him from a South Carolina coastal African Village to a lepersí village in Vietnam, clandestine jungle meetings with Sandanistas in Nicaragua and Eastern Europe following the fall of The Wall.

"Bob Leverone is the best all-around photographer I've ever worked with. He not only has a movie director's technical abilities when it comes to lighting and camera placement; he has what many photographer's lack - a poet's eye and ear for capturing what Henri Cartier Bresson called "that magic of pinpoint timing and place." -- author, magazine writer and former Charlotte Observer columnist Dan Huntley

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