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Posted by SMAD February 19, 2009

You can earn credits in SMAD, SCOM and WRTC, complete Cluster II and do an internship in London with JMU's Semester in London.

The School of Media Arts & Design (SMAD), the School of Communication Studies (SCOM) and the School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication (WRTC) are pleased to announce new course offerings as part of JMU's Semester in London Program. The traditional Cluster II classes are still part of the program, but now there's an opportunity to make study abroad actually count toward major requirements as well. Applications for Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 are still being accepted.

Check out the classes you can take in London

Film Adaptations (SMAD 463L, ENG 412, SCOM 395)
Study of the process of adapting literature into feature films. Consideration is given to the original literary work, as well as to the changes undergone in its adaptation to film.

Media and Politics (SCOM 472L, SMAD 472L, POSC 472L)
Study of the media’s role in political campaigns, and the media’s role in covering political parties and coverage of the governing process.

Communication, Diversity & Popular Culture (SCOM 347L)
Study the rhetorical dimension of communication practices and issues of diversity found in popular culture.

Culture By Design (SMAD 301L, SCOM 351L, WRIT 351L)
Study of how mediated communication molds perception and influences cultural change. Emphasis on how language and imagery, sound and music are combined in current media to create meaning.

British Media And Society (SMAD 360L, SCOM 360L, WRIT 360L, GHUM 251)
Study the history, nature, and impact of mass media in the United Kingdom. Emphasis on the impact modern media has on society, and society has on media. [Satisfies Cluster II]

Writing In The Public Sphere (WRIT 320L, SCOM 395)
Conduct a rhetorical examination of written texts that influenced and brought about change in the public sphere.

The London Theatre (THEA 449, ENG 412, GHUM 200L)
Study of London theatre. Consideration given to current productions of classic and contemporary works. [Satisfies Cluster II]

Masterpieces of British Art (ARTH 316)
Survey of painting and sculpture in Britain concentrating, on 18th/19th-century painting. [Satisfies Cluster II]

Europe in the 20th Century – Fall and Spring (HIST 382L)
An examination of European history following WWII, from a British perspective.

Independent Study - Fall & Spring (Credit from your department)

Internship (GEIC 490)
Earn credits working in London for communication & media companies, and many more.

And, that’s just the academic part. As Semester In London students will tell you…

It’ll change your life, forever!

Visit the Semester In London website for applications and more information
Applications for Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 are still being accepted

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